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Sourci helps Australian businesses source, procure and import products from overseas suppliers. Handling the entire process whilst saving them time & money.

Product Sourcing

We match your business with the best manufacturers the world has to offer, with expert agents located throughout the world there really isn’t a product out there that we can’t save you money on.

QC & Negotiation

Quality control, factory inspections and supplier audits are essential factors in any due diligence process. Our focus is on ensuring our clients are dealing with the best and most qualified suppliers globally, through stringent verification, testing, and consistent QA practices.

Freight & Logistics

We are focused on negotiating the best prices, terms, volumes, and productions timelines for you whilst enforcing a strict level of quality control. We continue to help grow and nurture the relationships with your suppliers - which leads to better products, better terms, and constant price improvement.

Where our teams are located

Why choose us?


Save 33% on costs

Our sourcing team negotiate pricing that is 33% better than the market average.


4x Faster

Sourci helps companies bring products to life faster. What takes sourcing agents a month, takes us a week.

Compliance Ready

We only work with suppliers who have been approved and vetted by our sourcing team, which means a background check and a stringent verification process.



Sourci is 100% value driven. Our processes will take care of everything leaving with you with complete peace of mind. It’s that simple.


Planning, Research & Quotes

After initial assessments & consultations our dedicated team will research suitable supply regions for your required products. Our vast network of sourcing experts will research local suppliers and will then reach out to dozens of potential suppliers. We will verify each suppliers legitimacy & confirm specifications, then present you with a report containing various quotes & recommendations.


Sample & Production

After completing due diligence, including a factory visit, we will then move on to sampling, testing, accreditation, and QA as required. With the perfect sample now in hand, and quality control risks addressed & appropriately managed, we will be focused on ensuring a strict production timeline with live updates and constant communication.



Once production has been completed & a post production quality check has been passed Sourci will access its network of freight forwarders to handle all of your documentation, freight forwarding and logistics to ensure your products arrive to you safe & sound.


Relationship Management

Relationships in business are key, this is simply paramount. At Sourci we help to grow and nurture your supplier relationships. We are constantly in touch with your suppliers, looking after re-orders, product development, contract renegotiation, and ensuring you have a presence overseas.


Sourci was able to reduce our clients cost of goods by over 33% - Creating an annual saving of $150,000 on one product alone!

26 Companies Contacted

Our Chinese based sourcing team contacted over 26 companies to find the perfect supplier who could not only reduce our clients costs but also ensure that it meet Australian quality standards”.


Payment Terms

Having to previous pay 100% upfront caused a constant cash flow battle, Sourci were able to bring new payment terms to our client of 30% deposit and balance only payable after a post production QC and shipment.


Advanced production time

Since engaging with us earlier this year, our client is now in the process of having Sourci procure additional products whilst maintaining relationships with their new suppliers.


Net saving of 33%

The result: Insulation board material that cost 33% than their original overseas manufacturers price. This saving includes production, freight, shipping, duties and Sourci’s management fee.

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