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Fully Customised Container Homes

Throughout 2019 we have been working with NZ Affordable Cabins on their fantastic containerised homes. NZ Affordable Cabins are a leading proponent of Affordable Housing for communities across New Zealand, providing low-cost accommodation solutions with a high-end comfort focus.

Responsible for their entire supply-chain, Sourci has overhauled the full range of homes on offer (introducing new designs & layouts) and has brought about some very innovative solutions. We have uncovered the best and most suitable manufacturers of container homes across the globe, approaching & communicating with over 40 manufacturers during our initial research.

Now, the homes being fabricated for NZ Affordable Cabins are most likely the most bespoke and most modern container homes being exported out of China. This has been achieved by having our overseas teams find the most cost-effective & quality-minded fabrication factories for the shell & structures of the homes, whilst simultaneously we approached dozens of direct manufacturers of internal component materials for the fit-outs. This means that the homes are fully customisable to the degree that they can have the most modern kitchens, the most vibrant LED lighting options, the most versatile flooring/tiling variations, endless tapware, vanities, solar-power systems, cabinetry, storage options and so on… Although they are being sourced individually they are immediately consolidated and installed at the factory premesis overseas.

This is HUGE, it’s like a perfectly co-ordinated symphany orchestra of premium home finishes, at direct-to-factory prices! It likely has never been done before, particularly at this level (and with fully compliant materials). Whilst this requires a huge amount of co-ordination and precision supply management, Sourci’s full-time global supply-management team is fully capable and we are thrilled to be able to bring this level of service & differentiation to our clients.

All that they have to worry about is taking care of their own customers, which include Indigenous Communities, First Home Buyers, Downsizers, and AirBnB investors. Leaving the procurement, manufacturing & delivery functions to Sourci.

You can visit their website here – https://nzaffordablecabins.com/


  • Product:Customised Container Homes
  • Quantity:100+ P.A.
  • Key Metric:28% Cost Saving
  • Target Country:China
  • Bonus Value Brought:Extreme Customisation & Exclusivity