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Geofabric – Jute Matting

Sourci has been helping Entracon Civil save thousands of dollars throughout 2019 thus far.

They are a progressive Civil Engineering contractor based in the South East of Melbourne, and they’ve realised that there is no need to purchase all of their project materials locally – when they’re all made overseas in the first place!
In this civil infrastructure space, the project management teams always have 2-4 months notice on their projects, so they are utilising Sourci to import their raw materials… Saving many thousands on supplies each time.

In this case, the Geotextile (better known as Jute Matting) is a very commonly used commodity within civil construction companies, it is used as a weed matting on the embankments of new housing estates and public highways. Sourci utilised it’s teams in China, Vietnam and India to search simultaneously for this product. After a few days of in-depth research, it became clear that India was the leading producer in this category, with superior quality and of course a very sharp price-point.

Sourci engaged with over 17 suppliers for the Jute Matting and obtained samples from 5 of those whom we identified to be the best manufacturers through a range of metrics. Once the samples were presented to the client and the top two potential suppliers were selected, our team then performed two separate factory inspections in India. One supplier was then chosen who could meet our clients target price, quality standard, and most importantly their turnaround time. We also ensured with our freight team that the right manufacturer had the required export paperwork and exporting experience to supply the Australian market.

Sourci went on to take care of all production for the 30,000m2 project, including the coordination of the fumigation with the manufacturer, we handled all required import documentation and performed a thorough post-production QC check.

The result?
2 shipping containers full of high quality Jute Matting arrived weeks earlier than estimated, giving the client the opportunity to complete the project ahead of time. Pair that with savings of over $9,000 (vs purchasing from a domestic wholesaler) and also now the opportunity to utilise that manufacturer for all future tenders and work – adding to competitive advantage when tendering & quoting.

We even simultaneously had the U-Pins manufactured and imported from China for Entracon – which are used to install the matting into the ground.

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  • Product:Jute Matting
  • Cost Savings:AUD $9,540
  • Target Country:India, Vietnam, China
  • Quantity/Style:30,000m2
  • Verification: Sample production, multiple Factory Inspections & QC Audit of finished goods (post-production)