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Pizza Boxes Plus

Sourci has been engaged by Pizza Boxes Plus to help uncover China’s most suitable pizza box manufacturers for their Australian wholesale business, which caters to pizza shops nationwide. Sourci is excited to bring a whole catalogue of pizza accessory products (slicers, delivery bags, boxes, pasta packaging & more) to Pizza Boxes Plus to help expand their range and handle their entire supply side so that they can focus on their sales and importantly on dishing up quality accessories to our favourite pizza stores across the country!


  • Target Country: China
  • No. of Products 6+ with several sizes & lines within each style
  • Certifications: Sourci ensured that each prospective supplier signed a Chinese NNN (non-disclosure, non-use, non-circumvention) agreementCustom Colour Sample Production, Factory inspection & QC Audit of finished goods (post-production) FSANZ (Food Standards Australia New Zealand) Compliant
  • Intricacies: Custom packaging, OEM, Negotiating unique MOQ’s (Minimum Order Quantities)