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Priscilla Widjaja

Operations Administrator

orn in Indonesia and having lived in Australia for over 5 years now, Priscilla is able to speak three languages fluently! These are: English, Mandarin, and Bahasa Indonesia. Her trilingual and cross-cultural background enables her to have a deep appreciation of the intricacies in driving positive impacts within varied and dynamic environments.

With an electrical engineering masters degree from the University of Melbourne, she has obtained solid and professional knowledge in this field, and it underpins her technical & analytical style of approach.

At Sourci, this means she is able to apply this knowledge to the clients manufacturing practises, tackling all the technics related to product engineering & overall construction.
Did someone say shopping? Priscilla is a seasoned shopper, she loves a bargain.. So this translates well into being a fierce negotiator on her clients behalf.
Getting you the best products at the best prices, ultimately powering forward her clients profitability.
Working at Sourci only since mid-2019 she has proven her problem-solving skills are one-of-a-kind, saving many headaches and issues for her valued client projects.
Hobbies: Shopping (you know it!), traveling and culinary exquisite-ness.
Coffee: Cappuccino